Aerial 5T


The Aerial Acoustics Model 5T represents a complete reevaluation of the possibilities of the small speaker. Although replacing the popular and respected 5B, the 5T is a completely new design. It offers significant and measureable improvements in system sensitivity, dynamics, treble delicacy, midrange transparency, and bass extension. Designed specifically for placement 2” to 2’ from a wall, it has already proven to surprise listeners whether in a bookshelf, on a tabletop, or mounted on a stand.

The Model 5T reflects the larger and more expensive Model 6T and Model 7T designs. It shares the same curved cabinet construction, high gloss finish, the same tweeter, similar woofer refinement, and tight-tolerance crossover componentry and wiring.

The cabinet’s extremely rigid and inert curved shape is created by bonding multiple layers of wood together under high pressure for 48 hours in a 20 ton press. The cabinet’s thick walls are further cross-braced. The front baffle is attached to the cabinet face with a hand-chosen environmentally conscious damping glue. The cabinet’s internal volume is damped with New Zealand long-fiber wool specifically chosen for its sonic character. All these steps insure a cabinet capable of reproducing soft or loud music passages without perceivable sonic colorations. Finally, the cabinet is finished in Nero Metallic Black, High Gloss Rosenut, or an all-new premium High Gloss Ebony.

The Aerial 5T features a 1” woven ring-dome dual-magnet tweeter from the 7T, along with a new 6.7” long-stroke papyrus-blend driver custom-made for the 5T. With the optimized high-order multi-element crossover, the result a smooth frequency response from 48 Hz to 23 kHz.



Frequency Response 48 Hz – 25 kHz +/- 2 dB
Sensitivity 87 dB at 2.83 Vrms and 1.0 meter on axis
Impedance 4 ohms nominal, 3 ohms minimum, low reactance
Power Requirements 25 to 200 watts (8 ohm rating) recommended
Woofer 6.7″ long-stroke design with Papyrus blend cone, large voice coil, dual magnets and cast frame
Tweeter 1″ woven soft ring dome with dual magnets, non-resonant chamber, machined aluminum face plate
Crossover 2.7 kHz. Premium components, polypropylene capacitors, silver solder, Teflon wiring
Cabinet Inert construction with stressed multi-layer curved walls, extensive bracing and wool damping
Port Front facing with smooth laminar flow for extended bass response on shelves or stands within 2′ of walls
Finish Architectural veneers with 4 priming layers and 10-layer hand-polished hard high gloss finish
Nero metallic black multi-layer automotive paint.
Connectors 4 binding posts with jumpers for single-wire, bi-wire or bi-amp use.
Hardware 4 adjustable spikes with black spike covers to protect furniture
Dimensions 15.0 x 7.9 x 12.6″ deep including grille (380 x 200 x 323)
Weight 23 pounds each, 56 pounds per pair packed
Price $3,795 per pair in high gloss Rosenut or Nero metallic black
Premium Finish $4,195 per pair in high gloss Ebony